About O'Shaughnessy Garage Doors

O’Shaughnessy Garage Doors was founded on the month of September in 2009. Ever since then, O’Shaughnessy Garage Doors has been on a one-way path to show the San Francisco Bay Area that there isn't a job too big, too small, too custom or too simple for me to do. O’Shaughnessy Garage Doors represents entrepreneurship and determination while maintaining competitive prices with big and small garage door companies alike. O’Shaughnessy Garage doors strides to please and turn a bad day into a good day with the responsiveness and craftsmanship that is backed by an honest and reliable warranty. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed!

O'Shaughnessy Garage Doors offers a wide range of work; from commercial to residential. Not only do we offer service and repair work, we also offer new installations, whether it’s custom or standard.

When it comes to new installations, O’Shaughnessy Garage Doors will take the customers ideas and try to accomplish their vision. If time and creativity aren't on your side, then O’Shaughnessy Garage Doors will do the thinking for you and find a solution that works best for both you and your wallet.

When it comes to service and repair, O’Shaughnessy Garage Doors offers responsiveness that is matched by no other. Quick, painless, and inexpensive repairs are what we are all about. Whether a spring breaks on your garage door, or a cable snaps; we will be there to make sure that you aren't trapped in your garage. At that point, we will give you the options necessary to get you back in operation. Maybe it's not your garage door; it could be the garage door opener. We install the industry leading technology in garage door openers. Whether you want to use your smart phone to operate it from anywhere in the world, or simply push a button on you visor. We can turn a noisy, old garage into a quiet door that would not sound its age.

Whether you decide its time for an upgrade that will change or enhance your facade, or luck wasn't on your side that day, don't hesitate to think of O'Shaughnessy Garage Doors. We will be there to offer a free estimate and find exactly what you are looking for!